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  • Safe Paintwork Decontamination including..

  • Pressure washer rinse followed by a Pre wash foam to loosen and remove heavy dirt & grime with a pressure washer before the contact wash.

  • Followed by the Double Bucket method, allowing the wash mitt to be rinsed after making contact, removing dirt & grime from the wash mitt before re dunking in the soap bucket. Accompanied with bucket grit guards holding dirt & grime at the bottom of the bucket away from the wash mitt. Reducing abrasions on paintwork. 

  • Ph Neutral Auto Glym Conditioner enhancing the durability & shine of paintwork protection previously applied.

  • Finished with a gloss restoring, carnauba wax.


  • All exterior glass cleaned along with the paintwork followed by applying a long lasting hydrophobic coating allowing a high shine finish time and time again.

  • Window seals cleansed from contaminants avoiding leaks & mould growth on interior fabrics.

Wheels & Arches

  • Separate "wheel" bucket with brake dust dissolving  Shampoo, including all relevant brushes.

  • Alloy Wheels left to dwell in Pre Wash Foam then rinsed with a pressure washer reducing scratches with metal shavings & dust from the brakes. 

  • Inner Wheel Barrels refreshed. (Results depending on corrosion from brake dust & accessibility.

  • Wheel Facing cleaned with soft alloy wheel brush followed by a once over with a microfibre from the wheel bucket to ensure quality.

  • Alloy Wheels dried with Heated Automotive Blower.

Interior Paintwork

  • Paintwork concealed behind doors & boot lid flushed, cleaned & coated. (Service Grease removal not included in Maintenance)

Interior Trim & Dashboard

  • Interior trim, dashboard, centre console, door cards dusted & cleared of loose debris with compressed air, before cleaning agents applied.

  • Automotive Universal Cleaner used to reveal a matte factory finish, agitated with relevant detailing brushes in tight areas.

  • Interior Screens and Speedometer cleaned with glass cleaner to a spotless finish.


  • All floor  mats and boot liner removed then blown with compressed air, brushed then hoovered.

  • Carpets vaccumed, then blown with compressed air alongside running vacuum, releasing embedded debree without abrasion.

  • Final hoover after interior maintenance to ensure quality.

Leather & Fabric Seats.

  • Leather and Fabric seats are first vaccumed followed by using a brush and compressed air along seams & tight areas.

  • Small areas of stains & imperfection on upholstery will be addressed with fabric cleaner or leather cleaner. Large stains & markings to be negotiated on inspection.

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